SPA Chemicals



With the chlorine-free, bromine-free BAQUASpa® System you can take care of your hot tub in three easy steps:


  • Prevent with BAQUASpa Waterline Control.
  • Clarify with BAQUASpa Oxidizer.
  • Sanitize with BAQUASpa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control.

BAQUASpa Waterline Control

A unique, patented formula that prevents formation of waterline deposits on the spa shell.  Step 1 of the BAQUASpa 3-part system.


BAQUASpa Oxidizer

A liquid oxidizer consisting of specially stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Keeps spa water sparkling clear by oxidizing organic compounds.  Step 2 of the BAQUASpa 3-part ystem.


BAQUASpa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control

The principal ingredient in the BAQUASpa Water Care System. A bromine-free, chlorine-free liquid sanitizer that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable at elevated temperatures, and lasts longer than bromine.  Step 3 of the BAQUASpa 3-part ystem


BAQUASpa 3-Part Pack

Combines all three BaquaSpa system products in one convenient package.



BAQUASpa 4-Way Test Strips

Water test strips for testing the level of BAQUASpa Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control, Hardness, Total Alkalinity and pH.