Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Have your GLI or LOOP-LOC MESH Safety Swimming Pool Cover professionally installed by Abramo Pool & Spa

Why do I need a Safety Cover for my pool?

Swimming Pool Safety Covers form an impenetrable barrier that gives your family, neighbors and pets unparalleled protection from accidental submersion. Standard winter covers simply can't give you this benefit. Safety Covers also provide superior protection from the elements during the off-season, keeping your pool in peak condition.

Does any cover I put on my pool act as a safety cover?

No. Some covers actually increase the risk of drowning because the person who falls onto them risks becoming entangled or entrapped in them. True safety covers are ASTM safety-certified. They are anchored very solidly and there is no path of entry into the pool water when they are covering it.

Are Safety Covers Very Difficult to Use?

Safety Covers are simple to use, and let you spend less time struggling with pool closing and opening chores. Safety Covers last for years, they pay for themselves in just a few seasons - and make for an easy, predictable pool opening each spring, season after season – unlike many standard winter covers.

Loop-Loc Pool Safety Covers

Loop-Loc Safety Cover Key Features

  • Double perimeter webbing and double-thick straps give Loop-Loc covers an incredibly high break strength.
  • Extremely high-strength, non-corrosive 302 grade stainless steel springs for superior weight-bearing capacity.
  • The large X-tacking on LOOP-LOC straps is sewn manually for precise placement and maximum strength.
  • We use 87% black yarn in our fabric for superior UV stability.
  • Chafe strips are manufactured with exclusively virgin material - not "regrind," which tends to stain decking.
  • Non-corrosive aluminum tips are double-notched for stability.
  • Exceed ASTM standards for Safety Swimming Pools Covers F 1346-91. Extensive outside testing through Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) and have earned the U.L. seal of approval for safety swimming pool covers.

GLI Pool Safety Covers

G.L.I. Safety Cover Key Features

  • Construction of mesh with a unique weave of polypropylene material that blocks out algae-producing UV rays.
  • A tight mesh material that allows water to drain from the surface, easily filtering out dirt, leaves and debris!
  • A fabric, which is nearly 50% lighter than solid covers for easier installation, removal and storage.
  • An extra-strength material that provides greater tear resistance and tougher winter wear-ability.
  • Use of standard, commercial-grade springs on Custom Covers.
  • A standard 15-year limited warranty.
  • Standard or above safety cover performance as outlined in ASTM F 1346-91.



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